Why should medical device manufacturers start using a CRM?

Why should medical device manufacturers start using a CRM?

Are you a company that manufactures medical devices? Then you need to think about getting your business equipped with a CRM. That’s because having a CRM offers numerous impressive benefits on the way of your business. Let’s deep dive and look at some of the most prominent reasons out of them.

  • You can easily manage quotes and approvals

You will often come across the need to provide quotes for your prospective buyers. Those quotes will need to be approved from your management as well. This can be quite a complex and an overwhelming process. This is where a CRM can benefit you. You will be able to automate the process of sending approved quotations to customers with the help of a CRM.

  • You can simplify sales order process

You will be able to integrate your CRM along with ERP and simplify the overall sales order process. For example, there is no need to worry about getting ERP reports manually and sending them as emails to the salespeople and sales representatives. Instead, you will be able to have a quick overview of the entire sales order history via your CRM. It will also help you to take a look at different cross-sell opportunities available.

  • You can easily measure data

Monitoring customer engagement will not be a challenge with the CRM. You will be able to easily track different activities of your customers and uncover new opportunities. On top of that, you will also be able to follow up your customers on sales with ease.

  • It helps you offer better customer service

By using the CRM, you will be able to provide a better service to your customers. As you communicate with the customers online, you will also be able to provide a faster resolution to the questions they have. On top of that, you can have a clear view of your customers and see how they have involved with your business in the past. Based on that, you may even personalize customer experience that you offer.

  • You can directly connect with customers

By using the CRM, you will be able to directly connect with users of your devices as well as physicians. It is even possible to open up your CRM to those users. Then you can continue to collect valuable feedback from them. Based on that, you can identify how your products are doing, and you will be able to take them to greater heights with ease.

  • It will help you to offer field services

Most medical devices cannot be fixed remotely. Therefore, it is quite important to offer field services. You can streamline your field service activities with the help of your CRM. For example, you will be able to smoothen the activity of dispatching different field technicians. On top of that, you will be able to allow support teams to go ahead and create work orders for the pending support cases. All information with related to the field service teams will be available at a centralized location.

  • It will help you with managing CAPA procedures

As a medical device manufacturer, you need to establish proper CAPA procedures and maintain them. This is a mandatory requirement of FDA. You may think about using the CRM to get help with that. For example, you will be able to keep track of different procedures that you follow on the CRM. By using that, you can collect, analyze, and then report service issues and customer complaints.

If you are now convinced, go ahead and start using a CRM at your business.

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