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How can use Wholesale business JUBILI by BUILK?

If you are a wholesaler and ready to provide the storefront for vendors to sell their products, JUBILI by BUILK, a CRM system will help you manage your vendor partner database. Be able to track when the partner has started leaving the product with your storefront and when is the next scheduled contracted time. It also helps to manage the document preparation such as issuing quotations to send to your partners as well.

The case study of how to use JUBILI by BUILK for wholesale business

Wholesaler of clothing/cosmetic types growing dramatically these days. Small clothing brands or cosmetic brands wish to sell their brand to the storefront and the deposit fee will count in square meters. The CRM system will allow the shop to analyze product behavior from the amount of contact of the deposit product. It also improves the efficiency of product management per area to be more accurate.

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