JUBILI by BUILK, CRM software for B2B sales management

Every helpful feature will manage your organization’s information more efficiently such as customer information, contact information, and previous documents for you to manage your sales team effectively and maintain the relationship easily between you and your customers by making the maximum usage from our features. Every role/department in your organization will have a different use of CRM software tools and be able to utilize the CRM software differently.



Any B2B business with a sales team can make use of Jubili to automate their sales process.

  • Help sales team manage their system, reduce paper work and documents.
  • Work online, updates real-time, and work from anytime anywhere.
  • Real-time reports to sales and manager on mobile.

Business Owner

Make use of overview reports and utilize the data from the software to enhance it further.

  • Easily display comprehensive information in the sales report.
  • Receiving the quality data at once, helps you to have more time to adjust to the new business strategy.
  • Easier communication with your team through the platform.
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Sales manager

  • Focus on the use-ability of follow-up the activity of the salesperson. Monitoring sales orders and the number of pending quotations
  • Be able to plan and manage the sales direction ahead for your sales team.
  • Elevate the team communication level through one platform.
  • Provide the quotation approval function to prevent the mistaken quotation.
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Sales team

  • Usability will mainly for activity recording
  • No data loss for customer information/requirement, contents, and quotation.
  • Increase work efficiency on follow-up with customers.
  • Create long-lasting customer relationships.
  • Can utilize the platform anywhere and anytime with any device.
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Be able to monitor the sales volume, follow up on the activity that the sales team has in order to 

  • Calculate their commission and traveling expenses.
  • Overview sales team and individual data
  • Overview of the sales report, activity report, and traveling report.
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Be able to utilize the sales data to analyze and strategize the marketing direction. For instance, creating new promotions and releasing new products to make the marketing strategy be the best fit for the situation.

  • Overview of the feedback for new product releases.
  • Monitoring the success rate of the marketing campaign from sales order reports.
  • Utilize sales data and report to analyze the market.
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