Industrial factory-manufacturer


If you are an Industrial factory and manufacturer

JUBILI by BUILK will help you to release the document systematically and increase team collaboration with other departments smoothly.

The case study of how to use JUBILI by BUILK for Industrial factory-manufacturer

Engine manufacturing

Most of the distribution of industrial products often needs to maintain various machines on a regular basis. The CRM system will help reduce errors/falls from the follow-up in order to coordinate the sales department and maintenance department in the case that the customer requests the repair through the salesperson.

Appliance and furniture manufacturer

Most of the time the product will instantly offer to B2B customers/corporate or residential projects that require multiple customer project management, in which it has been tracked so many times and takes a long time during the tracking customer project status process. JUBILI by BUILK, the CRM system will help to easily manage the contact information/customer activity history and timeline of multiple projects. Moreover, it will help you to analyze the product category that is often sold in order to improve your future products.

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