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How can Service providers use JUBILI by BUILK?

If you are a service provider company and need to instantly check on the customer follow-up, no matter if you are B2B or B2C JUBILI by BUILK, the CRM software will help you to truly understand the customer need at a certain time accurately.

The case study of how to use JUBILI by BUILK for service providers

Beauty Services

Increase conveniently in follow-up the customers fast by using CRM to help you manage the customer database. Being able to view your customer activity history to build up a long-lasting customer relationship bond to grow further and we will be your personal reminder to follow up with the customer at the right time.

Food and Beverage services

Customer database storage And tracking work according to each customer’s project will be easier. Because each customer, owner of the food/beverage industry may have more than one project to follow. It also makes it easier to manage your contacts for each project.


Don’t have to wait for your sales team anymore to send you the daily reports, because JUBILI by BUILK can generate the real-time reports for you.

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