What’s the difference between B2B CRM and B2C CRM?

B2B and B2C

What’s the difference between B2B CRM and B2C CRM?

If you are planning to get a new CRM for your business, you need to understand that there are few different options available to consider. In fact, not all CRMs available for you to use are made equal. It I s possible to divide available CRMs into two different categories as B2B CRMs and B2C CRMs. Let’s take a quick look at the differences that we can find in between them.

  • Complex features

In B2B CRMs, it is possible for you to find more complex features. That’s because B2B sales processes are more complex. When it comes to B2B sales, you have to work with resellers, vendor partners, affiliate companies, and many other entities, through different channels. Therefore, it is important for the B2B CRM to have appropriate features to cater to different markets and channels.

However, the B2C sales process is more straightforward. Therefore, you will not be able to find a lot of complex features in a B2C CRM. They will only provide the most basic features that you can use to manage customer-facing sales.

  • Length of the sales cycle

You can consider a B2B sales cycle as a marathon. That’s because many different factors are associated with the B2B sales process. This is the main reason on why a B2B sale would take few weeks to even months to complex. However, a B2C sale can happen within a couple of minutes. Therefore, you will notice some significant differences in the sales pipelines available in these two types of CRM solutions.

  • Number of leads and deal sizes

The cost associated with B2B purchases is usually high. Due to the same reason, B2B CRMs are adopted to cater to the needs accordingly. B2C businesses tend to focus more on generating repeat purchases from the customers. That’s because they don’t get a great ROI out of a single sale when compared to B2B scenarios.

The total number of leads that a B2B company has to work with are significantly less when compared t o B2C. Due to the same reason, B2C CRMs come along with features to support a higher volume of leads and in-depth functionality to handle a large volume of them.

  • Account driven and people driven

B2B CRMs are account driven, whereas B2C CRMs are people driven. That’s because you need to maintain company accounts in the B2B business world. However, you will be dealing with individual contacts in the B2C business world. Therefore, you can find some significant differences in the way how you maintain customer information in the two types of CRMs as well.

  • Marketing touchpoints

The way how you promote a B2B business is different from the way how you promote a B2C business. You can see this as a clear difference in the B2B and B2C CRMs as well. A B2C CRM would support marketing touchpoints generating from a large number of sales channels. There can also be differences in managing prospects and leads generated from different channels. However, you don’t see such a large number of sales channels in B2B marketing. Therefore, the B2B CRMs are designed to accommodate a lesser number of marketing touchpoints.

Final words

Now you are aware about the differences that exist in between B2B and B2C CRMs. While keeping these differences in mind, you may decide what the most appropriate type of CRM available for your business is. Then you can nurture customer relationships and take your business to greater heights.

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