Maximizing The ROI From CRM Implementation

Getting a new CRM implemented would be a great thing that you can do for the future betterment of your business. However, you should also learn how to get the most out of your investment as well. That’s why we thought of sharing a few useful tips, which you can follow to get the maximum return out of your CRM implementation investment.

  • Encourage the use of CRM across your company

Once you implement a new CRM, you will feel a resistance coming from the team members to start using the CRM. This is where you should look for ways to encourage the use of CRM across your company. You may do this by highlighting the benefits of the CRM. Make sure that you clearly explain what benefits each and every job role can get out of the CRM. Along with that, you should also provide proper training on how to use it and get work done.

  • Get the marketing and sales teams aligned

The marketing and sales teams of your company will be making the most out of your CRM. Therefore, you need to get both marketing and sales teams aligned to use the CRM. A joint training session can help you with that. Moreover, you can explain how the marketing and sales teams can collaborate on the CRM platform to get their work done.

  • Get the most out of CRM reporting

Reporting is one of the most useful features available in the CRM. You need to generate appropriate reports and see how your business is going. For example, you can iterate and analyze the sales process, and make sure that you take quick action before things go wrong. You can also develop new strategies based on the reports, so that your team members can focus their energy and get work done. The sales managers who use CRM generated reports can forecast future growth of the business and develop appropriate strategies to reach goals.

  • Integrate the CRM with other key applications

To get the most out of the CRM, you should also think about integrating the CRM with other key applications used by your business. For example, you may think about integrating it with your accounting software such as QuickBooks. Then you can get the sales representatives of your business to create quotes, log payments, send invoices, and close deals faster. Along with that, you should also pay attention to email integration. It will help your team members to personalize the emails sent to customers, and keep track of each and every email with ease.

  • Learn how to use the workflow management features

Workflow management is one of the most powerful features that a CRM would offer. By using the workflow management features, you will be able to simplify the processes at your business. This will eventually help you to minimize costly errors that would take place. When you have a properly defined workflow in place, you will be able to get the employees to adhere to the same path. As a result, you can make sure that no employee can go out of the process. On top of that, information that an employee is entering in one form of your CRM can be populated automatically in another, which can reduce the need to enter data twice.

Final words

Make sure that you find the correct CRM like Jubili PH and invest your money in it. Along with that, you should also adhere to these tips and make sure that the amount you invest on the CRM doesn’t go in vain.


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