How #COVID19 affects B2B business sales teams? 


The impact of #COVID19 affects the global economy including both B2C and B2B businesses. At this moment, probably, everyone knows and heard about the COVID19 virus that is currently spreading around the world. In the Philippines, it is beginning to spread and it might take months to control it. This outbreak has a big impact especially with the economic sector just by looking at the GDP trends and forecasts. 

Covid19 affects B2C businesses

Covid19 affects B2C businesses in selling their goods, product and services. Many analysts believe that the obvious impact during this period is the slowdown in product sales and services. The tourism business is the most affected in this situation, especially the travel and airline industry, and has become a crisis situation due to the ongoing flight cancellations. Many airlines and businesses began to allow employees to temporarily leave without accepting voluntary wages or salary.  

It also hit hard B2B businesses  

Covid19 affects B2B business as well, since most of B2B businesses require face to face meeting in dealing and negotiating with the clients and take several appointments to close the deal. This is just an example of a problem the B2B business has to face in the Covid19 situation. 

Making appointments with clients became harder, clients might not be ready for a face to face meeting, and, postponement or cancelling the appointments are some of the problems B2b business face today. As a result, sales drop and clients started saving more money.

Many companies have started a WORK FROM HOME arrangement that made coordination between sales teams, customers and internal organizations more difficult. Dealing with foreign suppliers is even more difficult because many countries have been lockdown to stop the spreading of the virus. 


How can B2B businesses manage their sales team during a situation like Covid19?

One of the challenges is that B2B businesses need to adapt quickly. Adjust the sales team management strategy, increase work flexibility with a clever and clear plan: 

  1. Increase communication methods by opening more options for customers. Decrease psychical contact.  
  2. Using an online channel to increase sales. 
  3. Adjust sales measurement model to the current situation.

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Article written by KONGKRIT.BUILK