Why B2B businesses need CRM because CRM software helps you to understand your sales team and focus on the right customer.

We cannot deny that the world has stepped into the digital era. The digital tool can offer convenience and make use of CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) salesforce automation that can help compile all the data in order to deliver  “big picture” analyses. JUBILI by BUILK designed specifically for B2B business shifted your old ways of the working process into a better sales workflow. Never have to constantly ask for reports from your salesperson, daily activity recording, customer status, and relationship again. The software will automatically release all essential sales reports for your need in order to strategize your sales plan. Because we know your customer is an “asset to your company”, no one wants to lose them.

JUBILI by BUILK, CRM software that was created by a professional software developer.

JUBILI by BUILK developed by Builk One Group, software developer for construction business industry “We transform offline construction work into an online platform, parallelly with bringing in “Big data” to utilize for maximum benefits”. Mr. Patai Padungtin, the founder of Builk One Group, has built up the company from generating an ERP program for contractors called “Pojjaman” under the company named “Longkong studio” since 2005 and in 2010 have established the new FREE platform called “Builk.com” cost control management for SMEs contractors under the company named “Builk One Group”. At present, our company provided 6 software and services which are :



  • Pojjaman2 ERP software for major contractors.
  • BUILK cost control software for SMEs contractors.
  • JUBILI by BUILK, CRM software for B2B business.
  • Ploy & Kwanjai Sales management and repair notification software for real estate
  • Yello online hardware store



Your data can be accessed anywhere, anytime with just an internet connection. fsdfdsfdsgdfsfsdgdffsddsffsd


Jubili can be accessed using your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile with all its functionalities.


Notes, approvals and changes you made in Jubili can be seen real time across all devices.

Business to Business

Suitable for B2B sales sfdsfdssfsdfssfsfdssfdffsdfsdfdsfsd


Training and updates are available in your local time.


User-friendly and Straightforward software.


B2B Commercial business, construction and building material manufacturer or any B2B company with sales team.

  • Help sales team manage their system, reduce paper work and documents.
  • Work online, updates real-time, and work from anytime anywhere.
  • Real-time reports to sales and manager on mobile.

JUBILI by BUILK, CRM software that was created by a professional software developer.


Jubili main features.

  • Dashboard panel: helps the manage and analyze real time data and see the big picture of your project such as current sales, sales opportunities, and tracking you team activities.
  • Activity recording: The Sales team can simply record their daily activity, so that they can focus more on the important task and manage their daily schedule.
  • Customer status tracking: Customer classification system from Jubili can manage different types of customer such as leads, new customers and lost customers so that your sales team can maintain their relationship with the customer.
  • Document approval system: This system allows every document to be approved by the sales manager before sending it to the customer.
  • Reports: Real-time summary reports, which you can analyze the data anytime you want.
  • Real-Time: JUBILI by BUILK is on cloud, so you can work anytime anywhere on any devices that can connect to internet.
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