Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is JUBILI by BUILK ?

Jubili by Builk is a crm system designed for any b2b industry, to solving the common errors and helping managing data for the sales team. we study from more than 50 variation of business to create the best solution software. JUBILI by BUILK, build up from sales theory and sales management by the best experienced sale consultant.

2. How JUBILI by BUILK different from other CRM?

Every feature we build up for any B2B business to be make ultimate use. With our simple feature integration, you can utilize each one of the feature to serve with the benefit, avoid the complicated work process and it’s help to save time in term of software training. Decrease the conflict of the switching cost bottleneck.

3. JUBILI by BUILK work on mobile phone?

Yes, Jubili can work anywhere through Web Browser. Therefore any device that connected to the internet with Web Browser can use Jubili. You can fully work remotely anytime and anywhere.

6. JUBILI by BUILK is for whom?

JUBILI by BUILK is the CRM software designed for sales team that works with any B2B industry. Chosen from various industry including with seller, service provider and manufacturer.

7. Support from us?

We have provide our local Filipino based here in Philippines for sales support and customer service. So that our customers receive prompt attention and assistance with their urgent concerns and issues.