What’s your industry and what’s your business?

We have been providing “high-performance architectural and interior solutions” in the Philippines and in the Southeast Asian region. Ergo is a manufacturing company, we provide office furniture product lines. Chair, tables, system furniture, metal cabinets, carpets. 

We also provide design services to facilitate the customer.

What’s your usual working process?

As a salesperson, we generate sales and saturation through inquiry because we have admin and they route inquiries. After that when it is routed to you, you have to call them back and create a PO for your client. Then lastly, you can also provide a proposal on their requirement. 

So I need to inquire about all the saturation, referrals, and lead generation.


What was it like before you had our product?

Before, it was more manual when it came to reporting. So we have an excel type, We have to take down notes and then you will move it to excel. And when it comes to reporting we have an existing that we use that is already formulated so unlike now. JUBILI is a big help because you just need to input your details and automatically the data reports will appear. 

I prefer to do it on JUBILI instead because these are the reports that we generate, so we can know how many tasks we do that day. On reports, it is already captured, so for me, it’s convenient.

How has your business been impacted after using JUBILI CRM?

We can save a lot of time by utilizing Sales orders reports. Because personally, I used to put one-by-one orders only on the tick documents because that’s what usual orders that we prepare to track our database of leads and sales. So JUBILI is coming to be the best help for this.

How has your team handled in a remote environment since starting to use JUBILI?

From a salesperson’s perspective. JUBILI is really such a big help to us. During the time that we have to work from home, we can log in to check-in/out easily by using the phone and sending it to HR for payroll.

“Actually all of them, JUBILI has the great feature that you can generate the reports and the nice thing is that it provides you the percentage for you to monitor.”

What would be your favorite feature of JUBILI?

Actually all of them, JUBILI has the great feature that you can generate the reports and the nice thing is that it provides you the percentage for you to monitor. Plus with the factor that you can know what’s the lost reason in order to improve your next sales. It is a quick glance for you to analyze the record.

Moreover, we can generate the reports faster than before, when your sales manager requests a report of a call you accomplish in a specific time, you can generate it in just a few clicks.

What do you think JUBILI can benefit you?

Of course, time management and makes our work easier when using JUBILI, unlike before we need to write down manually so we really need to define what are the things that we do, unlike on JUBILI, you just need to input the details and add the description, and once you click it, the task is already generated.

Why do you want to recommend JUBILI to other customers?

“First it is very helpful, very convenient, user-friendly and then time management”

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